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Our mission is to bring together wider church, with church leadership and independent ministries, so we can explore contemporary world themes and issues. We love to open up important conversations that can bring about change both within us and in the world we live in. Why not be part of our next online interactive Church Challenge event and join the conversation?

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the online space, to equip and encourage church, and to search God's heart for us in the here and now.

Mits Griffin (Founder)

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I feel something has shifted in my mind. I feel a genuine new sense that God cares about me and will always look after me which I wasn't feeling before. I am doing declarations in the shower about God's love for me. I do feel reassured that whatever pains and difficulties I have to go through The Lord will always be there for me. So thank you to all of you for your great teaching and faith.
Challenge Member
The message floored me then I got to hear 4 days of the workshops in a row and have a ton of notes as the Holy Spirit and Word revealed things to me. I'm formulating it all now, but it added a lot of missing pieces to my recovery puzzle...even Sun Tzus quotes about knowing your enemy, yourself or neither and how it affects the battles outcome. Recognizing and renouncing lies and replacing with truth...very powerful! I need to go reread my notes and get into prayer.
Challenge Member
I have really missed a Condensed Christian community. By this I mean the kind of community you find at a New Wine Conference, so one is emerged in encouraging, blessing, spiritual, learning, practical atmosphere where nearly everyone knows Jesus and its normal! So you get a spiritual battery charge that carries you through to the next to time. These sessions felt like a super boost to my spiritual batteries by being with, learning from and just hearing others who know and love Jesus. That what I loved.
Challenge Member
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Throughout the year we will run numerous LIVE events exploring different themes. All you need to have is a Facebook account and to join our private Facebook Group. You’ll find our latest event content posted there for the duration of each event, and once each event has passed its content will be cleared to make space for our next venture together. If you’d like to re-watch our events, or should you be interested in a past event, our content will also be available to purchase so you’ll always have the chance to enjoy the experience anywhere, anytime. 

Sign up and be officially recognised as a valued member and partner. Be the first to receive email notifications on when we are running LIVE, and have access to BONUS content with the opportunity to be part of our exclusive VIP BACKSTAGE PASS sessions. Our Backstage Pass sessions form more of an intimate, bespoke experience where you will be able to interact with our speakers, join in live Q&A, share your own stories and insights, and receive prayer and ministry. 

Are you a minister or church leader who would like to extend your impact?

Are you a Christian Ministry or Church Leader who would love to reach out more in the online space so you can impact more lives… Are you intentional about disciplining others or building a community… Do you value teaching, training and activating others… Then perhaps this could be your next, most exciting, venture?

We love to give passionate leaders a platform where they can connect powerfully and meaningfully with their audience and our projects are open to Ministry and Church Leaders from all over the world. Our condition is that every partner and contributor, must be an unapologetic, Spirit-filled born again believer in Jesus Christ, with a passion to reach out and serve others.

We help Christian Ministries and Church Leaders impact more lives through individual or collaborative events, enabling them to equip and inspire their audience, have fun and build alliances, while receiving tangible feedback on what is working and what is not.

Run your own virtual event

We offer Challenge consultancy, design and creation, as well as its marketing, build and implementation. All you will need to do is collaborate with us on the event content, provide speakers and promote your event to your tribe. In return for our good service, each project will be umbrellaed under our Church Challenge brand as well as your Ministry or Church, and will be made accessible to our audience, with any generated content under shared ownership. Alternatively projects can be financed directly by your good selves for a flat fee or as a revenue share.

Work as part of a collaborative team

Not got much time? Why not join in as a collaborator? All you will need to do is promote the event to your tribe, and offer your message, insights and training, as part of the event. If you don’t have the time to come onboard as a contributor, you can always invest in us as a sponsor, where we will acknowledge your organisation and contribution as appropriate.

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About our Founder Mits. Mits is a part of the church in York (UK). She has led prayer and prophetic ministries and church small groups over the past 20+ years. She has experience in governance, workshop and course creation, and digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Mits is also training as a Certified Partner and Challenge Consultant under the mentorship of Pedro Adao (the leading pioneer of the modern-day Challenge Framework and founder of the online Kingdom Entrepreneurial Community 100X).  And although Church Challenge is not a ministry, it is accountable to peers, and local and national church leadership through personal connections and friendships. Mits also runs her own company that specialises in websites, funnels, and challenge consultancy for mission-based organisations and NPOs who want to up-level their digital presence.

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